Misato is an OC that belongs to KawaiiTohru


Misato has short lavender hair with dark purple eyes, She wears a blazer and a sweater on top of the blazer, she wears knee-high stockings that are white.


When she was first spawned by Mikiasa, she was a dumbo. After 2 months of attending Gakko High School, she was alot more smarter. She doesn't know how to speak properly though.

Misato is usually protective of most people. She is usually absentminded and sometimes lazy. She usually tries to get people to stop being mean.

She doesn't understand humans.


Mikiasa Kurasaki

Misato is very protective of Mikiasa, Misato does not want Mikiasa to die, The 2 of them have a very close relationship, so close that they sleep together and feed each other.

Uga Kurasaki

Misato thinks that Uga is adorable, Misato also believes that Uga has a human form, so she has been trying to spawn his human form.

Kisekae Code


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